Master the basics of meditation in only 10 days so you can develop a life-long practice that has the power to transform every area of your life.


What would your life look like if

you were more in control of your mind?

Mastering the basics of meditation can help you get to know your mind so you can cultivate inner peace, make better decisions, be happier and take control of your life.

Inside 'The Starter Kit' you'll learn:

What to expect when you start meditating, how to set up your practice (time, place, equipment) and the benefits of practicing long-term

How to create a meditation routine so it's easy to turn it into a daily habit even if you're busy and feel unmotivated to practice

7 meditation myths that prevents beginners from experiencing the benefits of the practice

7 meditation roadblocks all beginner's face when starting out and how to overcome them

5 mindset tips that will help you stay consistent with your practice for the long-term

'The Meditation Roadmap', a 10-day process that teaches you step-by-step how to meditate properly so you feel confident in the practice

All of this ^^ is packaged up in a beautiful eBook that can be read in less than 45 minutes.

It includes 10 daily bitesize lessons, each

with their own 5-minute guided meditation.



This is an excellent introductory course on meditation. Joe has the perfect words to set you in the right state to relax and explains the basics well.

I’m much better at observing my thoughts and controlling what I want to do and how I want to react.

I loved the guided meditations. They had an immediate effect on my level of stress! Overall 10/10!

- Francois

I didn’t realise 5 minutes of meditation could have such wonderful results!

Short, simple and effective lessons. I see things clearer and more focused. Joe’s gentle voice and encouragement in these short and doable daily meditation classes have made the changes to my life I was looking for.

- Susan

It helps create much happier days for me!​

Typically fighting a busy mind I wasn’t sure if meditation could work for me. With consistency I gradually felt a noticeable difference in how I handled stresses in both my personal and professional life.

- Jen

Meditation has helped me have a calmer mindset and to approach everyday tasks or problems with a new perspective.

As someone who has found it hard to get into a regular meditation habit in the past, Joe’s method has made it much easier for me to stick to practicing without giving up.

- Shehnaaz