Master the basics of meditation in 10 days

so you can reduce stress, increase focus &

improve your overall well-being.


When it comes to starting a meditation practice,

most people fall into one of these 3 categories:


You think your mind is too busy to meditate and you struggle to stop the constant stream of thoughts running through your mind.

I'll teach you why none of that matters and a simple and proven step-by-step meditation method that EVERYONE can do... even if you have a busy mind.

Too Busy...

You're super busy and don’t have time to meditate (even though you want to) and you’re frustrated you can’t seem to make a habit out of it.

I'll teach you how to easily make meditation a part of your daily routine and build a consistent habit, even if you have the busiest of schedules.


You think meditation can help you but aren’t sure what to do or how to get started. Or you feel the practice has more to offer you than what you're currently experiencing.

I'll teach you the foundations so that you can master the basics and get the most out of this life-changing practice.

Meditation isn't woo-woo.

It's a tool for levelling up your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the next 10 days.

Cultivate Calm &

Build Focus

Calm your scattered mind and improve your ability to stay focused so you can experience peace of mind, be more productive

and achieve your

goals & dreams.

Know Your Mind &

Take Control

Develop the skill of awareness so you can become less reactive to your thoughts & emotions, make better life decisions and improve your habits

& overall well-being.

Get Set Up

For Success

Learn the essentials every meditator needs to know to build a long-term consistent practice and a step-by-step process to master the basics so you can reap the benefits.

Do any of these sound a little
(or a LOT) like you...

You feel stuck in a state of stress, anxiety and overwhelm wishing you could have a calmer state of mind

You lie in bed at night struggling to sleep because you're so wired from the day, leaving you exhausted when you wake up

You play the same thoughts over and over again in your head wishing there was an off switch for your mind

You're uncertain about your purpose so your life feels like it's running on auto-pilot

You overreact to every little problem and you find it hard to stay calm and in control of your emotions

You struggle with self-discipline and keep making bad decisions and unhealthy choices


What would your life look like if

you were in more control of your mind?

Mastering the basics of meditation can help you reduce stress, cultivate inner peace, be more productive, increase self-awareness, ease anxiety and be happier.


Being able to handle stress more effectively so you're no longer lying in bed awake for hours playing the same thoughts on repeat and can get a good night's sleep

Having the self-discipline to stick to and maintain good habits like going to the gym and eating more healthily

Having a sharper and more focused mind so you can be more creative and productive, coming up with better ideas and getting more done in less time

Being less reactive to circumstances and more in control of your emotions, so you're no longer snapping at friends, family or colleagues

Being able to break negative patterns and ruminating thoughts so you can make better life choices and stop beating yourself up over mistakes

Having a clearer mind so you can gain the clarity and insight you desire to figure out what you want to do with your life

How Meditation Changed My Life

Hey, I'm Joe

Writer, Self Development Coach and Big Life Creator on a mission to help you create the life you truly want.

I’m currently living my Big Life, but that hasn’t always been the case…

I used to lack self-discipline, constantly snoozing my alarm and coasting through life.

I felt exhausted from bad sleep, suffocated my emotions with sh*t food and relieved my stress and dissatisfaction through drugs and booze.

At 27, an explosive cocktail of partying and a toxic work environment saw me spiral into panic attacks, anxiety and depression. I ended up unemployed for 6 months.

At the same time I discovered meditation and went on a 10-day silent retreat (Vipassana) which kickstarted my journey of transformation.

I started taking back control of my mind and life, becoming an early riser who got up at 5am before work to meditate and workout.

I began taking pressure in my stride and making clearer, more empowering decisions in both my work and life.

My sleep improved, I overhauled my diet and at 41 I'm now the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been with more energy than I had in my 20s.

And most importantly I’ve been able to create a life that excites me, where I'm living ON PURPOSE and exploring my potential.

Since 2009 I've done 1000s of hours of meditation practice and numerous silent retreats. And in 2014 I decided to pursue my passion and qualify as a meditation teacher.

With all the knowledge and experience I've accumulated I want to help you master the basics of this simple, yet powerful tool so you too can develop a practice that has the ability to impact every area of your life.




Everything you need to get started with meditation in a concise eBook that can be read in 30-45 minutes. Includes 10x daily lessons each with a 5-minute guided meditation.

Inside Bitesize Meditation you'll learn:

What to expect when you start meditating, how to set up your practice for success & the incredible benefits of developing a lifelong practice

How to create a meditation routine so you can easily to turn it into a daily habit even if you're busy or lacking motivation to practice

7 meditation myths that prevent beginners from experiencing the benefits of the practice and why they're BS

7 meditation roadblocks that all beginners face when starting to practice and how to overcome them

5 powerful mindset tips that will help you stay consistent with your practice long-term

'The Meditation Roadmap': A 10-day step-by-step process that teaches you how to meditate properly so you feel confident in your practice

This is an excellent introductory course on meditation. Joe has the perfect words to set you in the right state to relax and explains the basics well.

I’m much better at observing my thoughts and controlling what I want to do and how I want to react.

I loved the guided meditations. They had an immediate effect on my level of stress! Overall 10/10!

- Francois

I didn’t realise 5 minutes of meditation could have such wonderful results!

Short, simple and effective lessons. I see things clearer and more focused. Joe’s gentle voice and encouragement in these short and doable daily meditation classes have made the changes to my life I was looking for.

- Susan

It helps create much happier days for me!​

Typically fighting a busy mind I wasn’t sure if meditation could work for me. With consistency I gradually felt a noticeable difference in how I handled stresses in both my personal and professional life.

- Jen

Meditation has helped me have a calmer mindset and to approach everyday tasks or problems with a new perspective.

As someone who has found it hard to get into a regular meditation habit in the past, Joe’s method has made it much easier for me to stick to practicing without giving up.

- Shehnaaz