Are you ready to live your purpose?

If you're done feeling lost, burnt out and unfulfilled, it's time to create your unique roadmap to a purpose-driven & fulfilling life!

Next round begins 8th May




You’ll walk away with a clear vision for your future, renewed belief in yourself

and a plan to start moving towards a new career, side hustle or business that’s

fully aligned with who you are & the life you want to live.


Unpack who you are, what you actually want in work and life and how to get it so you are clear about the direction you want to head in


Upgrade your mindset, beliefs & identity so you bust through blocks and move confidently & courageously towards your purpose-driven life.


Design your unique roadmap to a more soul-fulfilling future & start taking action towards it so you are back on track with a plan and a purpose. 

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP set the wheels in motion for starting the next phase of my life - I went from having a million ideas and no clarity to opening an art studio for kids in just 8 weeks."

- Di

I was at a crossroads in my career and needed some direction and guidance.

I knew BLR would help me figure things out much faster. What I didn't bank on, was dreaming so BIG and learning that my dreams ARE possible.

Something happened when I created a vision for my life - the things I needed to start my business started to show up in my life. I got braver and more confident to keep taking steps - and the doubting voices that were in my head were suddenly further away.

This program is an investment in you AND your future. You will reap rewards in ways you can't even imagine as long as you show up and do the work. Please believe me, if I can do it, anyone can.

If you've landed here we bet at least

ONE of these sounds familiar...

You’ve worked hard for the last 10+ years to establish a career but you're no longer passionate about what you’re doing… You’d love to change direction to something more creative and aligned but it all feels so overwhelming

You feel guilty for not being happy with your good salary and nice life, but something is missing. You want to do work that’s more meaningful to you and be lit up & energised by your life

You're stressed, overworked and burnt out in your job and you don’t have enough time to spend with your loved ones, travel or do the things you enjoy and it’s affecting your health and happiness

You’ve been dreaming of starting a business, exploring your creativity or following your passions but you’re not sure exactly what you want or where to start. Plus it’s about more than your career, you want to reconsider your life as a whole

You’re fed up of looking at other people on social media living their purpose and wishing it was you. You’re sick and tired of holding yourself back due to fear, procrastination and indecision.

If you answered YES to ANY of these,



We totally get it, because

that was how we felt too...

And it sucks…

Because like us (and our students) you've probably done what you're ‘supposed’ to do to live a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

You’ve ticked all the traditional boxes of success:

  • good grades, good degree, good career
  • nice home, nice things, nice holidays
  • maybe a family too 

Yet deep down something’s missing.

You feel lost, directionless and dissatisfied.

Like us, you’ve experienced the dark night of the soul.

Asking yourself:

  • ‘Who am I?'
  • 'What’s my purpose?'
  • ‘What the f*ck am I doing with my life?’

And now you’re questioning everything you’ve done up to this point.

You're not alone...

We and many others have struggled to find our true purpose amidst the daily grind and conditioning from our parents, culture and society.

And this is the trap most of us fall into...

We’re sold a blueprint for how we ‘should’ live.

We learn to live up to other people’s expectations.

We let other people decide and influence our choices.

But you've felt the nudge inside of you.
It's the reason you're here...

The whisper that keeps telling you, you're meant for MORE than the soul-sucking job you drag yourself to each day…

You want to figure a way out. 

But you don’t just want another job.

You want something
more meaningful.

You want something
more soul fulfilling.

You want something that allows you to
express your creative side.

Something that gives you a
sense of purpose that has a positive impact on people’s lives.

The idea of it feels amazing!

But when you think about taking action...

Your mind throws up all sorts of sh*tty thoughts like:

"Who are you to do this?”
“You’re too old to change!”
”It’s too risky! You have so many responsibilities!"

The changes you crave feel scary, hard and overwhelming.

So you tell yourself to suck it up and be grateful for what you have.

And you’re good for a while...

But then you end up back in that place with that familiar sinking feeling that there’s more for you to experience, more you can become, more for you to enjoy.

So what's the solution?

The map to figuring out a new direction for your work & life is inside of you and we're here to help you uncover it

Take a moment to envision yourself here...

You wake up excited about your future and clear on where you’re heading instead of feeling stressed, frustrated and dreading your morning alarm

You’re spending more time doing the things you love with the people you love; travelling more, having more enriching experiences, rediscovering hobbies instead of feeling swamped by a never-ending to-do list

You’re turning those daydreams you've had for YEARS into reality - starting the business, writing the book, sharing your art, buying the camper van, starting a podcast, speaking on stage, living as a digital nomad

You’re on the path to doing meaningful work that fills your soul, has a positive impact on the world and gives you the freedom and balance you desire

You’re taking consistent action towards the life you want, you’ve released the mental blocks holding you back and you’re stepping into the person you've always wanted to become 

The good news is all of this possible when you have a step-by-step framework to follow.

In BIG LIFE ROADMAP we take you from confusion to clarity

In just 30 days you'll UNPACK who you are,

UPGRADE your mindset & UNLEASH your potential

You’ll discover what you want to do for work, plus what you want in all areas

of your life so you can create success on your terms, feel deeply

fulfilled and be more intentional with how you’re living.

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP has given me a framework to understand who I am, who I want to be, what I want in life and how to get it"

BIG LIFE ROADMAP is what I didn’t know I needed and it has come at a pivotal moment in my life. It’s amazing that we have uncovered so much in just a few weeks.

I now have the tools and roadmap to know how to take the next step. Without your guidance I wouldn’t have known where to start. Every session was so insightful. I loved it all!

- Jessica

"I've never experienced such clarity in my life. I feel like a new person and you can too if you join this program."

Joe & Cathy are masters of self-development. Through their guidance and direction, you take stock of everything that does and doesn’t matter in your life. I confronted my past, created new values, and destroyed limiting beliefs.

If you’re feeling lost and confused, it’s because you don’t have a roadmap. You'll walk away with a fully-realised ideal of who you are and where you need to go.

- Matt

The transformational phases in this program have enabled our students to...

  • start businesses
  • land dream jobs
  • start side-hustles
  • quit soul-sucking jobs
  • share their art with the world (and make money from it)
  • go travelling
  • improve their habits
  • improve relationships
  • enjoy more inner peace
  • rediscover their hobbies
  • create better boundaries

And most importantly, they've all fallen in love

with themselves and their life again

"The tools in the program helped me begin to make peace with my past, accept where I am in life and learn more about who I am and what makes me happy. I’ve built a whole new awareness about my life and shaped a new more intentional path forward."

- Lis

I was feeling unsure about where I was in my life and needed help taking stock. BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me create space for myself and upgraded my capacity to live my life to the fullest.

I'm whole-heartedly excited about my growth, renovating my home, travel with my family, being the best mum I can be, building a lucrative holiday let business, enjoying and being open to the connections and experiences that my new dream job (that I landed during this program) will bring.

I'm full of gratitude to Cathy and Joe for creating this program. Their enthusiasm, compassion and knowledge is inspiring. On the fence? Do it!

Hey, we're Cathy & Joe :)

Mindset & Life Coaches, BIG LIFE Creators and Digital Nomads

We've transformed our own lives... and supported 100s of others on their journey too.

Just a few years ago though, things were very different...

We were burnt out, hating our jobs and going through the motions.

We'd created a "good" life that ticked all the traditional boxes of success (good career, decent salary, awesome friends, married, nice home) but inside we were struggling.

Cathy was sick of commuting 3 hours a day and Joe was fed up of working 70+ hour weeks.

We had no passion for our jobs anymore and no desire to climb further up the career ladder.

We were frustrated that our true passions were going by the wayside and knew we were stifling our potential.

We were fed up of holding ourselves back due to fear, doubt and our excuses.

After a decade of retraining in our passions and doing deep inner work to reconnect with who we are and what we wanted, in June 2019 we explored taking the leap.

6 months later we had sold our flat, quit our careers and started living our BIG LIFE.

And in the last 3 years we've made SO many of my own dreams a reality.

We're now Mindset & Life Coaches trained in NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Meditation, Yoga, Wellness and more.

We've helped over 70 students transform their life with BIG LIFE ROADMAP
• and supported 100s more in getting started on their journey
• We've travelled Europe as digital nomads for a year - living in Portugal, Serbia, Albania and the UK
• We started a podcast - Create Your Big Life
• We moved to a home with a water view in a part of Australia people go on holiday

And so much more.

NOW is YOUR time to finally

START that business, side hustle or career that’s FULLY ALIGNED with YOU

NOW is the time to jump into the driver's seat of your life and get clear on who you are and what you want.

To be bold, brave and courageous and do work that feels meaningful and impactful so you can experience the deep satisfaction that comes from living a life YOU intentionally designed.

A life that feels so good you’re excited to jump out of bed in the morning.

Not a mediocre life, but a BIG LIFE!

A life you’re excited about.

A life YOU choose that’s unique to you.

A life 90 year old you will look back on and be proud to have lived.

If not, you risk leaving the MOST important areas of your life to chance.

In our 30 days together we:

→  we throw out the rule book and dare to dream

→  ditch the shoulds and expectations of your parents and society

→  cultivate the confidence and mindset to put your plan into action

We’ll help you reconnect with what you want and start realigning with what’s most important to you as you move into this next phase of your life.

You’ll finish this program with a 90-day roadmap to help you start taking action to move out your career within the next year.

Imagine being guided step-by-step to get

CLARITY on the life you want to create and have

the CONFIDENCE to make it a reality





PROGRAM DATES: 8th May - 6th June




Get crystal clear on what you want for ALL areas of your life and craft it into a UNIQUE VISION that energises you and becomes the north star for your life.

You’ll learn how to create your vision in a way that works WITH your mind so you feel compelled and driven to make it happen and start taking action towards it straight away.


Discover your values and how to live in alignment with them so you start prioritising what matters most to you, feel fulfilled NOW and have a clear framework for making decisions. 

Build the courage to say ‘no’ to work and lifestyle choices that don’t align with your values and purpose so you can follow your passions and do what you truly love.


Build a resilient and unstoppable mindset that empowers you with the confidence, courage and self-belief to live your purpose.

Learn how to break free from self-sabotage and the mental blocks holding you back from following your calling. See ya later fears and doubts!


Create a blueprint of who you need to BE to achieve your vision and live your purpose and master the practice of becoming that version of you.

Build self-trust by getting to know yourself and learning to show up for your purpose driven future one step at a time.


This is where we bring everything together and craft a roadmap for the next 90 days so you have a clear step-by-step plan to start living your purpose without overwhelm and confusion.

Learn a repeatable process so you can continue the momentum of creating your Big Life long after the program is over.


Each week we hold a LIVE Q&A Coaching Call to answer your questions and help you overcome any roadblocks and resistance as you go through each stage of the program.

You will have the chance to get direct coaching with us on anything you need support with.





Join before 11:59pm UK time 1st May, to receive this EARLY BIRD bonus.

Receive a 1:1 coaching session to use at any point during the program to help accelerate your results and work through any particular blocks.



Join before 11:59pm UK time 1st May, to receive this EARLY BIRD bonus.

A powerful masterclass to transform your relationship with money, overcome blocks & create an abundance mindset.


(Value $97)

Learn how to train your brain to break bad habits and create good ones in this masterclass without having to rely on willpower and determination.


(Value $97)

This training shows you how to step into the driver’s seat of your life so that you can begin to create your life the way you want.

Learn how to stop letting external circumstances dictate your life which see you living in fear so you go from feeling powerless to powerful.


(Value $97)

Managing your mindset is essential if you want to succeed in transforming your life.

Every week we share a mindset mojo session with you to help you build resilience, accelerate your results and thrive!


(Value $97)

Learn the simple steps to improve your confidence⁣ so you can go beyond your comfort zone in order to live your biggest and best life.


When you learn how to align with your purpose you can

experience deep fulfilment and meaning in your life.

You being happy and fulfilled creates a ripple effect in your

community and the people you spend time with.

You will inspire others to live their biggest and best life too.

If everyone was more fulfilled and doing what they love…

How awesome would this world be?



11:59pm UK time 1st May




$397 497 USD PAY IN FULL

or 3 payments of $133

5 TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAININGS guiding you through our unique framework to Unpack who you are, Upgrade your mindset & Unleash your potential

4 LIVE Q&A COACHING CALLS with direct coaching from us to provide support and guidance on your journey

SELF-DISCOVERY WORKBOOKS to help you get to know yourself at a much deeper level so you can transform

WEEKLY EXPEDITIONS to deepen your transformation and get you taking action after each masterclass

WEEKLY MINDSET SESSION to help you build a growth mindset, bust through blocks & accelerate your results

30 DAYS OF COACHING, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY inside our private community 

BONUSES including techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind 

LIFETIME ACCESS to program material so you can use it at each level of your personal growth





$997 1097 USD PAY IN FULL

or 3 payments $333

5 TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAININGS guiding you through our unique framework to Unpack who you are, Upgrade your mindset & Unleash your potential

4 LIVE Q&A COACHING CALLS with direct coaching from us to provide support and guidance on your journey

SELF-DISCOVERY WORKBOOKS to help you get to know yourself at a much deeper level so you can transform

WEEKLY EXPEDITIONS to deepen your transformation and get you taking action after each masterclass

WEEKLY MINDSET SESSION to help you build a growth mindset, bust through blocks & accelerate your results

30 DAYS OF COACHING, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY inside our private community 

BONUSES including techniques to reprogram your subconscious mind 

LIFETIME ACCESS to program material so you can use it at each level of your personal growth


3 x 1:1 COACHING CALLS: Private 1 hour calls with Cathy

(One at the start of the program, one in the middle and one at the end)

30 Days to put


“This is our commitment to you. We want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enrol to join the community!”


*Please see Terms and Conditions for details.

We are putting 100% of the RISK on us!

You have EXACTLY 30 Days from the start date of the program to put BIG LIFE ROADMAP to the test!

We can do that because we believe in our program THAT MUCH! We are willing to wait patiently while you take action on everything that awaits you inside BLR.

If at the end of the 30 day coaching container you are not satisfied that you have transformed your life in any way, simply email before the 30 Days is up to get your complete and FULL REFUND. All we ask is that you show us that you’ve done the work!

Why Do We Ask That You Show Us the Work?

You won’t get results if you don’t take action. We can’t help you if you don’t do the work and we only want to work with people who are as committed to the process as we are.

Who is BIG LIFE ROADMAP for...

This IS for you if…

  • You’re ready to make yourself proud and show up for your dreams
  • You’re willing to invest your time and energy into a future that excites you
  • You want to elevate your mindset and increase your confidence
  • You want to tap into your creativity and connect to your purpose
  • You’re excited by what you’ve ready on this page and you’re ready to say yes to yourself

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want to purchase another program just to consume more and NOT implement it
  • You don’t feel like your dreams are worth investing in
  • You’re looking for a quick fix for your fulfilment instead of how to shift things for the long term
  • You’re not willing to get uncomfortable and do the work to reconnect with yourself
  • You're more committed to your excuses & reasons why it won’t work than your future & reasons why it WILL



"I took the leap, quit my job and am ready to take some months to continue to work on myself and continue to build and achieve my vision and share my art with the world."

- Valentina

My life is one before and after this program. I was feeling stuck with not knowing how to take a leap towards working on my personal and professional aspects that make me feel passionate and alive.

For anyone who is questioning about taking this journey: Don’t second guess yourself. Joining this program is a decision you won’t regret.

This is a space that will allow you to work on yourself, to question yourself and celebrate every small step you make towards reaching the life you want. Thank you Cathy and Joe for providing us with meaningful tools to start figuring it out. 

"I took major steps towards my goals, witnessed small miracles coming true almost daily and felt a huge push of momentum forward with creating my dream life!"

I’m so glad I invested in myself for the first time ever with Cathy and Joe, as I know it was the next step I needed to take in my life!

I have renovated my vintage camper to create passive income and I'm training to be a business coach/consultant, which I never would have done if I hadn’t found BIG LIFE ROADMAP.

Take this leap of faith and invest in yourself. Give yourself the gift of learning who you really are, what you really want and the steps you need to take to create your own reality!!"

- Melissa

"I'm excited to be building a new business that I am passionate about and can’t wait to see my vision coming to life."

This was hands down the best thing I could have done at this time. Before the Roadmap I was in a very bad place and my mind was not letting me rest, but at the same time I couldn’t move forward.

I nearly talked myself out of joining due to the investment required and not having a stable job but I can honestly say that what I thought was a gamble at the time is a sure bet for anyone's future. I now realise that what you learn in this program can be implemented in all facets of life.

I have seen changes in every part of my life and I now have the tools to adjust, change and continue developing when life requires me to grow.

- Debbie

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me gain a better understanding of myself and where I want to go in life."

- Amie

This program gave me motivation and tools I need to achieve my goals. It helps you dig deeper into your thoughts and subconscious mind to get to the bottom of what's holding you back from pursuing your dreams.

Joe and Cathy are fantastic coaches. They are both very knowledgeable and have such a warm, positive and encouraging energy that immediately makes you feel comfortable and supported.

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP is an incredible experience! No matter where you are on your journey, I highly recommend it."

I was struggling with lack of motivation, focus and zest for life as well as fear of success, fear of failure and pursuing my dreams.

I feel more empowered in areas of my life that I wasn't expecting. More and more miracles are happening.

I am more mindful and better at responding instead of reacting to life. And I thought this was only achievable after many hours and years of consistent, daily meditation practice!

I'm excited to expand my music and writing skills, get more DJ gigs, continue with my morning ritual and live from my vision.

BLR is an absolute must! Even if you think you're content and you've 'got this' there's still so much to gain and benefit from going through the program!

- Angelique

"The knowledge BIG LIFE ROADMAP brings is simply life changing and I've enjoyed every second of it."

It's actually priceless - you simply can't put a price on inner peace and an abundance mindset. Being taught how to do this is simply awesome.

My mindset has changed considerable, which has left me feeling empowered, an inner calm and joyful.

I now have tools and techniques to help me when I feel like life is running away with me.

I'm excited about building my podcast and seeing what opportunities this throws up, I love feeling that the future is out there and I trust wholeheartedly that it will develop in the way it's meant to.

BLR is life-changing. Pure and simple. I was sat on the fence for a long time prior to taking the leap and signing up - if you're on that fence, do it now! You'll be amazed at the results you achieve.

- Sarah

BIG LIFE ROADMAP has renewed my license to dream and make me feel like my desires and aspirations are totally valid, normal & possible.

- Amee

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP got me unstuck and I feel fully equipped with the tools to take on the next 12 months!"

This program forced me to slow down and figure out the direction I would like to follow to become happy and fulfilled again.

I feel back on track with a plan and purpose in life thanks to the very useful techniques Cathy & Joe took us through on this program.

It has actually released a lot of stress I was holding on to, which has really benefited my outlook on my current situation.

I highly recommend BIG LIFE ROADMAP to anyone who might be feeling a little bit lost in life with no idea of purpose or direction.

- Adrienne

"For the first time since the pandemic I feel like I have a clear idea of my future thanks to BIG LIFE ROADMAP."

I was so overwhelmed and worried of making the wrong choice that I was paralysed and couldn’t make a decision to move forward.

BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me focus on my future and pinpoint what direction to follow next.

I learned through BLR how to ask myself questions to help me figure out the direction that I want to take. 

I now have a short term goal figured out as well as where I plan to be in six months.

- Kelly

"You will thank yourself again and again for making the time and space to reconnect with yourself."

I now seek solutions and resources from an inner starting point instead of something that exists outside. That alone has brought an abundance of peace to my life 🙏

I am now fully committed to making my art and creativity a full-time position in my life. It's pretty radical!!

- Amanda

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP came at the perfect time for me and helped me move my life in the direction I wanted."

BLR helped me gain a lot of clarity in what I want in life and I unpacked a lot in just a few weeks of doing this program!

Both Cathy and Joe are really great coaches and were able to take me on a journey through my own mind to figure things out.

- Kim

"I made more progress in the last few weeks with Cathy & Joe than I have in any of the other programs that I have tried!"

I have a roadmap, it’s my BIG LIFE ROADMAP. I have a destination. I know where I am going. I know how to get there. I have a plan.

There’s nothing in the way. Cathy and Joe have given me the tools to take this trip. It’s a once in a lifetime, my lifetime and I’m ready for my BIG LIFE Roadtrip.

- Adrienne

"Doors have opened up for me since starting BIG LIFE ROADMAP and now I’m willing and ready to walk through them"

- Salinda

This program was an amazing eye opener for me. I had been living my life in my safe bubble not even understanding why I was in there.

This program has helped me re-evaluate my values, beliefs and passion to enable me to live my biggest and best life. Thank you Cathy and Joe for the guidance and teaching me to ask the “right questions”.

"Gaining clarity on my vision was helpful in taking massive action towards my goal"

I enjoyed seeing my growth and stopping procrastination after changing my belief of not being good enough.

I would highly recommend working with Joe and Cathy, they have helped me start taking responsibility over my actions and work towards my goal.

- Allen

"Making decisions based on my vision is a really powerful tool which I gained from the program"

BLR helped me crystallise my plans so that they are now much more specific, and make a 12 month plan which I had not thought about before.

I am now much more prepared to live my truth, fight for what I want and let go of stuff that doesn't matter.

- Pia

"I found identifying my values such an empowering process."

It's made me re-evaluate how I make choices and let go of the guilt I used to feel about saying 'no' to things. I know I will return to these strategies again and again.

Joe & Cathy's energy, enthusiasm and commitment to students was apparent right from the start.

- Helen

"I wrote my own manual to take back the wheel of my life"

- Tom

A fantastic experience!! It is unbelievable how I got to know myself in just a few weeks. For me it is really becoming aware of who I am and what I do.

Thank you soooo much Cathy & Joe.

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me create a clear vision of the life I want to live."

In the process of reinventing myself but lacking a clear sense of direction, BLR gave me the tools to understand my limiting beliefs, learn to feel comfortable out of my comfort zone and help me focus on creating a clear and attainable vision of my future.

I wholeheartedly recommend Big Life Roadmap. Joe and Cathy’s energy, enthusiasm and sincerity cannot fail but to inspire you.​

- Martin

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP made me look harder and deeper at myself than I have in many years"

It really made me stop and do some soul searching. While I understood I had some limiting beliefs, BLR really unpeeled the onion for me and exposed far more than I was aware.

While I work toward needed changes in my life, I love that I have a reference to turn back to, so that I can make this an evolving process in my life rather than a one time event.

- Kelly

"Through BIG LIFE ROADMAP I have made some extremely important decisions & plans which will be crucial for me to achieve some long life dreams of mine."

I am certain that without their guidance and help, I would not have got anywhere near to doing it.

I will be forever grateful for this program and I'm looking forward to seeing what life will look like in the next 12 months.

.- Ana

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP enabled the determination behind my dreams"

- Jules

BLR energised my dreams into goals that are actually achievable and gave me the courage to go after the things I was unsure of.

I intend to have a conversation with my CEO this week, about a career move which I had previously thought would "realistically" be years down the track.

Thanks to Cathy and Joe for giving me the confidence to go after what ultimately makes me happy, instead of getting in my own way.

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me get focused on my vision while taking the necessary steps forward to achieve my goals.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to move towards living your most fulfilling life.

- Benjahman

"I really got a better understanding of what was going on in my own life and began to figure myself out a lot more."

I have lost who I was over the years and set my hopes and dreams aside to please everyone else and what they wanted so I decided to take this journey to try to find me again and get myself back focused on me and what I wanted.

- Christal

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP has been a deep and vast work on myself and on my life, bigger than what I have thought possible"

It challenged me and I have learned to become more organised, focused and motivated.

This will stay (and stick) with me to help me create the life I love.

- Jacinthe

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me define my values, purpose and visualise my life. Two weeks in and I could feel a change"

I now have a vision, goals and motivation well defined and was able to begin working towards my goal immediately.

- Susan

"I joined BIG LIFE ROADMAP for one reason. I want a BIG LIFE."

I have a firm picture of where I want to get to and am now putting in the steps to get there. 

Highly recommend for anyone who is lost and needs some help getting themselves on their path.

- Carly

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP made me consider those things in my life that are holding me back"

The goal setting, values and changing limiting beliefs sessions were just what I needed in my life right now. Thank you for an amazing program.

- Liz

"Each stage builds upon the previous ones to lead effortlessly to real and sometimes surprising conclusions"

I recommend this to anyone looking for an insight into how they ended up where they are and how they can choose the path forward.

- Jill

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP was so insightful and enlightening!"

Despite experiencing some deep moments of discomfort through self reflection, I've learned that change can only really happen when you're prepared to answer the right questions honestly.

- Jen

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP is a great program for anyone who isn’t sure who they “are” and needs help to move in the "right" direction."

I loved going through this process and am so grateful to use what I learned to move forward after a time of upheaval and change in my life. Thank you both for everything!

- Lauren

"I gained clarity on the vision I want for my life and I have an actionable method to keep me on the path to creating it".

Joe and Cathy have a calm, positive and high vibe and have designed a beautiful program which has helped me uncover a lot of answers in my personal transformation journey.

- Dipannita

"I gained a lot of clarity on my vision and more self-awareness through the exploration of my values"

I changed my perception of the future and can visualise what my life could be like in the next years and what I have to change or pay attention to if I want it to happen.

- Francois

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP is phenomenal!"

It distils down personal transformation into such easily digestible and incrementally practicable steps that inspire change on the deepest level. I am so grateful for coming across this!

- Muhammad

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me narrow down some key things I needed to do to live my biggest life. Thank you!!"

Even though you might think there is nothing left to learn about "building a bigger life" the masterclasses and workbooks made me think outside the box when it comes to what I want and what I think is important.

One thing I did during this program is to quit drinking... and wow I have been sober now for 20 days and I am so proud of myself!

- Becca

"This program isn't some quick fix or fad like so many people are looking for. It's the blueprint for achieving your life goals and dreams"

Joe and Cathy have given me so many helpful tools to stay attuned to achieving what I want out of life. If you are ready for some positive change, then I strongly recommend BIG LIFE ROADMAP. 

- Sam

"BIG LIFE ROADMAP helped me learn a lot about myself, where I am in my life and where I want to go next to fulfil my goals."

This has been a really great program to have been involved in. The structure of the training and information given was really well delivered.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to better their life and achieve their goals.

- Jake

You’re still reading, which means you haven’t clicked ‘join us’ yet.

Look… we get it! Changing direction can feel overwhelming when you’ve been going it alone.

That’s why having a coach and a group of like-minded people on the same journey together is a total game-changer.

And if you were going to do it alone… you would have done it already.

The Top Regret of the Dying is:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, rather than the one that was expected of me.”

At one point, we were hurtling towards this ^^ regret.

Until we drew a line in the sand and made it our mission to create life on our terms (and help others do the same).

We know there’s NO WAY you want to make it to the last few weeks of your life and regret not going for the dreams that are in your heart.

So if in this exact moment, you’re not living a life you’re totally obsessed with

Then, it means your BIG LIFE is waiting… and you need a little nudge forward - or a gentle shove perhaps ;)

We spent years feeling lost and unfulfilled in careers (and a life) that didn’t feel true to us.

And it’s a common tale: 66% of Americans and 3 million British workers hate their job

We were SO ready to change but didn’t know how to get started. 

We were DONE with our career… but it was also about more than our careers.

We wanted to reevaluate our lives as a whole, to take stock and design a more intentional path forward.

We didn’t know who to ask for help so we stayed stuck for YEARS.

Until the pain got so much that we took the leap with no plan and had to figure it out on our own.

^^ This is why we’ve created BIG LIFE ROADMAP.

To make the
path faster and easier for you to go from stuck, dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

To clear and excited about where you’re heading and armed with the tools and a plan to make it happen.

We’re here to support you on this epic journey every step of the way.

Are you ready to go after making the most of this one precious life you have?


What makes the students of BIG LIFE ROADMAP so successful?

Simple. They show up and do the work. And with our guidance they unlock all the answers they have inside themselves.

When does the program start?

The 30 day accelerator runs from Monday 8th May June until Tuesday 6th June.

Access to us and the Private Facebook Community ends on Friday 9th June but you have lifetime access to all the content.

What are the days and times of the sessions?

The trainings are held live on the Monday of each week for you to watch live or in your own time and the Q&As are live every Thursday at varying times to accommodate different schedules.

Start date: Monday 8th May

Trainings: Monday Week 1-4 and Tuesday for the final training

Q&As: Thursday

All times below are Brisbane Time:

Week 1: Monday 10am Training / Thursday 10am Q&A

Week 2: Monday 10am Training / Thursday 7am Q&A

Week 3: Monday 10am Training / Thursday 10am Q&A

Week 4: Monday 10am Training / Thursday 7am Q&A 

Week 5: Tuesday 10am Training

What if I can't join the sessions live?

As we have students from all around the world it's not possible to find a time that suits everyone. Rest assured, that if you can't make it live you can absolutely get the results you want.

You can still submit questions for the Q&A coaching calls if you can’t make it live and you’ll receive an in-depth answer which you can watch on replay.

Many of the testimonials on this page are from students who didn't attend a single live session with us. Do the trainings. Do the work. You'll get the results you want whether you're live or not! :) 

All replays are uploaded to an online learning portal within 24 hours which you can access any time and keep for life.

How much time do I need to invest?

Each weekly training is between 60 and 90 minutes long. You'll also have a self-discovery workbook to complete and simple action steps to implement after the training. How much time this requires will depend on the action steps you choose. 

We have a weekly Q&A coaching call (up to 60 minutes or less if all Qs are answered) so you can get direct coaching and support as you work through the program. 

Every Friday we release a 20-30 minute Mindset Mojo session to help you build a growth mindset, overcome fear & doubt and accelerate your results - many students have been known to experience big shifts by watching these alone!

To allow time to watch all the masterclasses, implement and integrate the teachings and take action on what we guide you through, you need to prioritise about 3-4 hours a week.

This is a life transformation program, it’s not something to be squeezed in as an after thought if you want the best results. We encourage you to fit your life around the program for 30 days and not the other way round.

Is there any support if I get stuck?

For sure! You will have just over 30 days access to us in the Private Facebook group where you are able to reach out anytime and ask as many questions as you like. We are in the group Monday - Friday.


You also have the opportunity to ask questions and get direct coaching from us on the weekly live coaching call.

If you can't join the coaching calls live, all good. You can still submit your questions, get them answered by us and watch the replay in your own time.

Is there a VIP option with 1-1 coaching?

Yes, if you’d like extra support and 1-1 coaching you can choose Big Life Next Level. 

This will give you 3 x 1:1 private 60 minute sessions with Cathy for use during the program.

Help! I don't know what to do with my life.

This program is designed for that exact reason. To help people like you figure out who they are, what they want and how to get it.

I want to join but I'm nervous about investing in myself.

We get it, investing can be scary, especially if it's something that you're not used to doing.

We still feel nervous depending on the price tag (we invested $6k in a mentor for 3 months and that one created some butterflies!) but we also know that when we invest in ourselves and our growth, it's not a gamble, it's an investment in our future and a vote for who we want to become.

We believe in ourselves and trust ourselves to make the most aligned decision for us and we always encourage others to make their decision from the same place.

Who you are today: your actions, your moves, your thoughts, your decisions shape the version of you tomorrow.

Is there a refund policy?

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. This means you have EXACTLY 30 Days from the start date of the program to put Big Life Roadmap to the test!

If at the end of the 30 day coaching container you are not satisfied that you have transformed your life in any way, simply email before the 30 Days is up to get your complete and FULL REFUND. All we ask is that you show us that you’ve done the work!

Why Do We Ask That You Show Us the Work?

We KNOW Big Life Roadmap works IF you do the work. 

You won’t get results if you don’t take action. We can’t help you if you don’t do the work and we only want to work with people who are as committed to the process as we are.

How long do I have access to the program?

You'll have access to the Private Facebook group and us for just over 30 days while we go through the program.

You'll get lifetime access to the trainings, Q&As and all other content.

What can I expect when I enrol in BIG LIFE ROADMAP?

BIG LIFE ROADMAP is like the manual to designing your ideal life and stepping into the person you want to become.

You’ll walk away with a clear vision for your future, renewed belief in yourself and a plan to start moving towards a new career, side hustle or business that’s fully aligned with who you are & the life you want to live.

We have supported over 70 amazing humans through this program already and used what we share inside to transform our own lives.

We’ve gone from being unfulfilled, lost and going through the motions in a good career and 'nice' life that just felt 'off' to travelling the world as a digital nomad, running a business that we love, prioritising what matters most to us and feeling fulfilled and lit up with where we are now and where we’re heading.

This program is a transformational experience that distils over a decade of our own knowledge, certifications and personal development experience into an epic 30 day journey of self discovery that will support you in taking action from Day 1.

Expect to get to know yourself at a way deeper level, to amaze yourself with what's possible and be making moves you've been thinking about for YEARS while having a blast.

We love this program and we know you will too.

In 30 days what will you be celebrating?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself 30 days from now...

How will you feel?

What will you be celebrating?

What will you have amazed yourself with?

Do you want to be the person who…

… is still talking about changing year after year?

… watches everyone else create their dreams?

… lets their fear and doubt rule the show?

… feels disappointed in themselves… again?

Or do you want to be the person who..

… feels proud of themselves

… doesn’t delay their joy until one day

… knows how to think and live on purpose

… is exploring their potential and feeling fully ALIVE?


We thought so!

We’ll see you inside BIG LIFE ROADMAP.